The Difficult Second Album

As a musician, there is nothing quite like the thrill of releasing your debut album – especially on a project so deeply personal as A Better Life is to me. The excitement, the nerves, the sense of accomplishment – it’s an indescribable feeling. But as the dust settles and the initial euphoria fades, a new challenge begins to loom on the horizon: the task of creating a follow-up. And with it comes a weighty expectation, even if it’s only me who thinks it!

Take A Deep Breath, the first album, essentially wrote itself. A collection of songs that were born out of my return to making music after a difficult time mentally. The first time I was ‘out on my own’, aside of course for the incredible musicians that assisted me – it wasn’t a band set-up that I had been so used to for the best part of the previous 20 years. It really was unfiltered creativity with no expectations, no comparisons to previous albums etc. It was a blank canvas waiting to be filled with musical expression.

But now, with the second album, the stakes seem higher – but probably only in my head! I want to prove to myself and to the small but perfectly formed audience who enjoyed the first album that I have grown as an artist, that I have something new and exciting to offer. The pressure to deliver something even better than the first album has definitely been there, but maybe that has spurred me on – maybe all musicians need that to drive forward!

We’re only a few weeks away from the first single release, and the new album – ‘The Light’, will be released in summer 2024 (earlier for mailing list subscribers). 

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