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Take a Deep Breath on Guido’s Lounge Cafe

We are absolutely delighted to share that ‘Take A Deep Breath’ the title track from our new album was played on Guido’s Lounge Cafe podcast this weekend. Guido’s Lounge Cafe podcast is one of the very best and most popular chill-out podcasts in the world and we are very honoured to have our track selected for play-out. You can listen to the full podcast below.

WORDS IN THE EARTH – Interview with Phill Daniels

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of reviewing Take A Deep Breath, the debut album from UK chillout project A Better Life. It’s a wonderful album full of transformative soundscapes designed to evoke relaxation, but the thing that stood out most for me was the emotion and individual touch that seemed to emanate from these songs. It stands to reason then that A Better Life’s founder Phil Daniels has a very personal reason for creating music with such blissful tones.

The collective is multi-faceted, involving a host of talented instrumentalists and two stunning vocalists that help bring the songs to life; but at its heart is Phil and his innately creative mind. In this interview I aimed to get a deeper understanding of his connection to the music, his influences and inspirations, and the process of putting together a collective that can still produce such beautiful and intimate music in the midst of a global pandemic 

Tell us about your musical history before A Better Life, and what got you into making music?

I honestly couldn’t tell you what got me into making music in the first place! My first memory was hitting pots and pans in my parents kitchen…which I expect a lot of budding drummers did! Instrumentally and in a live set-up I’ve focused on drums and percussion for much of my creative working thus far …. read more

The latest review for our new album Take A Deep Breath by Words In The Earth has been published.

Take a deep breath - A better life
A Better Life – Take A Deep Breath

“Despite the cultural significance it has for those of us in the UK, I’ve never actually dived too deeply into chillout music before. The style was pioneered at the great London nightclub Heaven, and dance music institution Ministry Of Sound have been upholding the chillout genre for the best part of two decades now. When house music was at it’s peak of commercial popularity in the UK, chillout was there alongside as it’s relaxing, spaced-out partner. Whilst I can’t profess to being an expert in chillout, I am familiar enough with the style and it’s roots in ambient house, as well as it’s relationship to downtempo and trip-hop, to find Take A Deep Breath, the debut album from A Better Life, an incredibly intriguing and creative project.

My experience with these sounds is often … … read more

New Single Souda Bay Now Released

Our new single Souda Bay has been released and is available on Spotify and Apple Music

Souda Bay A better Life single
New Single out now – Souda Bay

Wicked Game is a downtempo reworking of the Chris Isaak classic featuring amazing UK vocalist Pete Rawcliffe.

We will be compiling Spotify playlists regularly featuring the very best music to relax and chill out to. You can play a short sample of the very best music to unwind to below or click here to enjoy the full playlist on Spotify in a separate window.

A Better Life in Ibiza

More good news! – 2 tracks from our forthcoming album “Take A Deep Breath”, Souda Bay and Mono Heart, have both been play-listed on Costa Del Mar Radio in Ibiza. You can listen to Costa Del Mar Radio by clicking here – more info about the new album can be found here

Live Premiere – Video Launch – Wicked Game

Join us on our YouTube channel on Friday 19th March 2021 at 9pm GMT (21:00hrs) for the live premiere of our Wicked Game video a downtempo reworking of the Chris Isaak classic, featuring amazing UK vocalist Pete Rawcliffe. Please come along and join in the chat – we would love to have you there! You can view the video below on the launch night or click the link here

The single will be available on all digital platforms from midnight on Saturday 20th March.

A Better Life in Argentina

Studio 65 Radio who broadcast from Buenos Aires has play-listed our new album Take A Deep Breath and are currently featuring tracks regularly. You can listen live to Studio 65 Radio here.

New Single – Wicked Game
A Better Life featuring Pete Rawcliffe

We are delighted to announce that A Better Life featuring Pete Rawcliffe will be releasing Wicked Game on March 20th 2021. If you wish to pre save the Spotify link then click here

Enjoy the short sample below before the full release!

For more information about Pete Rawcliffe click here

New Album – Take a Deep Breath

Debut album Take A Deep Breath released on 1st May 2021 on all digital platforms. 

Developed, recorded and produced over a period of 18 months from September 2019 – Take A Deep Breath is the ambient and downtempo album I’ve always wanted to make. 

Having been influenced by electronica acts like Air, Bliss, Zero 7 and Enigma – as well as more traditional singer/songwriters and celtic artists – the sound of Take A Deep Breath draws inspiration from all these genres to produce an album filled with chilled grooves, lush strings and piano, subtle guitar and some amazing vocal performances from two incredible artists – Herica and The Wolf, and Pete Rawcliffe. 

Take a Deep Breath Album Cover
Take a Deep Breath – New Album release date May 1st 2021

The album has been written to chill out to, to feel like you can take a step back, take some time away from whatever situation you find yourself in, to reflect and appreciate what you have, and what is important. After some serious mental health issues in late 2018 into early 2019, subsequent breakdown and major life reassessment – it was the perfect remedy and very cathartic for me to write this album. Along with trusted friends and new musical acquaintances – the ABL Collective, who’s talent and desire to see this succeed along with me is something I’m eternally grateful for. 

Extracts from the Take A Deep Breath Album

Pre-save the album on Spotify: here

New Single – release date 1st April 2021

Souda Bay – the first single to be taken from the album ‘Take A Deep Breath’, is released on 1st April 2021 on all digital platforms.

Souda Bay A better Life single
Souda Bay – The 1st single from Take a Deep Breath – release date 1st April 2021

Pre-save the single on Spotify here