About Phil Daniels

Phil Daniels – Lead Composer & Producer

Phil’s musical journey has been varied, spanning various genres and roles within the industry. Starting out in his teens performing percussion in orchestras, after music college he delved into the world of rock, folk, indie, metal and jazz music. As a promoter, he played an instrumental role in organizing successful events and festivals that showcased emerging talent, and even had a stint working for the music press!

However, in 2019 Phil faced a setback due to ill health which forced him to step back from live performances. This period of reflection allowed him to reassess his musical direction. It was during this time A Better Life was formed, a platform to explore his passion for chillout and ambient music – genres that resonated deeply with him since the early 90s.

Influenced by renowned artists such as Chicane, Zero 7, Air, Bliss, and Enigma; A Better Life’s sound evolved into something ethereal yet captivating. Blending elements from many of the different genres Phil has worked in, to create compositions that transports listeners into a world of tranquillity.